PowerFinance empowers courageous people to safely embed financial experiences.

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Traditionally, business finance has stranded unloved customer segments, PowerFinance is set to change this . Our pay-as-you-go approach allows niches needs to be met by removing high fixed technology and compliance costs.

PowerFinance embraces regulation and compliance is built-in, removing complexity and providing assurance. Our pay-as-you-go model also removes hefty up-front costs.

PowerFinance’s technology allows organisations to create new experiences in payments, lending, borrowing and capital contributions.

Locally owned and operated, PowerFinance are invested in serving New Zealand’s interests. We want to make it possible for a diverse range of local organisations to offer finance products that align with their brand and values including businesses, community groups, and fintechs.

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Traditionally, business finance has been provided by major banks, as it required high fixed technology and compliance costs. 

This limited competition and innovation. PowerFinance is set to change this.

PowerFinance takes a highly collaborative approach to working with our customers. 

We believe it’s our job to build compliant finance infrastructure to support their specific needs and manage their risk.

At PowerFinance we think a smarter approach to finance is to provide the technology to businesses who know their customers best. 

This will change their approach to finance to enable better value, better experiences, and better outcomes for people, their families, and their communities.

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PowerFinance’s leadership team is an experienced team with deep expertise in the key areas we need to help our customers grow finance, including:

Banking & FinanceRegulation Compliance Blockchain TechnologySales & Partnering Strategy & Product

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