A conversation with Samantha Nel

When you are a startup, mitigating present and future risks is essential in a small, but competitive, market. P^werFinance Treasurer Samantha Nel reveals how she helps manage the risks to maximise the business’s growth, as well as how you go about building a treasury function from scratch.

A conversation with Charlotte Kent-Johnston

Marketing a new business and building trust is a serious task. P^werFinance Chief Marketing Officer Charlotte Kent-Johnston explains the challenges and rewards of launching a start-up doing new (and sometimes very complex) things, what her experience has taught her about achieving cut-through, and her ambitions for the P^werFinance brand.

A conversation with Isuru Palliyaguru

Building a technology platform from scratch that allows businesses to craft their own financial structures to better support their businesses is a big undertaking. P^werFinance Development Team Lead Isuru Palliyaguru discusses the process for building a unique platform from the ground up, developing software in the fintech space, and why P^werFinance presented an opportunity too good to pass.

Time for banking to embrace a little risk ​

The Reserve Bank served up a long-weekend treat for finance geeks last Friday, announcing a new depositor insurance protection scheme to protect Kiwis’ first $100,000 of deposits at each bank.

A Better Experience with Finance​

There’s more need than ever to reduce the cost of doing business and provide safe and affordable finance to all New Zealanders. P^werFinance COO Matt Mobbs explains who P^werFinance will help, why its platform is unique, and how it can help Kiwi businesses become the hero in the finance story.

A conversation with Ralph Chang

New Zealand organisations are hungry for new financial models like embedded finance that do more for their businesses and their customers. P^werFinance Chief Growth Officer Ralph Chang explains the thinking behind the business, what local organisations are telling him and why P^werFinance is an exciting place to be.