Empowering a change
in finance.

Banking and finance today is not the best version of itself.

Finance should be an enabler allowing people to borrow from their future selves, regardless of where they have come from or their amount of inherited wealth. Finance today is not fair nor is it rational.

Both existing financial service businesses and new entrants find it hard to innovate largely due to the existing legacy technology base. Traditional finance technology is complex and finance regulations are extensive and growing.

Historically, new entrants struggle, they are unable to innovate to bring a better experience for their customers. 

Modern technology changes the landscape enabling new financial products that are more aligned to customer needs and values and the opportunity for fairer pricing.

What solutions do we bring to the sector?

PowerFinance’s technology takes a data-driven view of risk, allowing finance to be more equitable and cost-efficient while improving the experience.

Our modern technology allows us to co-create innovative financial products that integrate into your customer’s experience.

We are passionate about bringing technology and capital together to empower you to make change.

Who can we help?

Businesses that want to embed finance into their product

Build products that that are in line with the business strategy and customer needs.

Financial tools and technology reduces barrier to entry by keeping costs low.

Businesses that require access to capital

Data-driven view of risk reducing traditional barriers for lending.

Lending models that can be designed to work for a specific use case.

Communities that want to offer a tailored financial solution

Provide an opportunity to create a community-based financial service that aligns and serves core values.

Create fairer finance through data-driven view of risk.

Ready to be empowered?